UI Adventures

I was supposed to start this blog with simple posts about my add-ons/macros/UI configuration. I thought to myself “This is a nice plan”. If you want to laugh you might as well start cracking. If there is anything you shouldn’t do in life is plan in an obvious way because more often than not Murphy’s Law will occur and come and bite you in the ass the harder you tried to ignore its existence in the first place. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and this applied to me also down to the last word. From almost the minute I made my statement things started to crumble. Long story short, ever since then I ve changed 3 computers and now I m writing this post on my most recent one while NOT making plans of it not breaking down as well. I’m NOT making any plans. Also I don’t have any English proof so excuse my grammar mistakes.
Ever since I embarked on my journey between various pcs, venturing from one to another like a nomad, readjusting my UI again and again, trying to get rid of add-ons to minimize my lag, I came to realize what I ve long known to be true. If Murphy’s Law is described to be the 4rth Law of Thermodynamics, this should be described as the 5th. Less IS More. Take my word for it. Coming to my new pc I took out a lot of the junk that used to litter my screen. I might take out more or replace them with whatever fits my fancy better. I love to think of my UI as a living organism rather than a postcard. If I have one advice for you this would be it. Purge all unnecessary add-ons, that either duplicate one another or don’t offer you a significant aid. Keep a clean UI base and have a clear POV and have fun experimenting with your add-ons one by one.

My Resto Shaman Addons List

1.   Raiding Tools

(Maybe not normally what you would see under such category but for me it would be impossible to raid without.Even when my pc was lagging these where the only addons I left on my UI.)
Deadly Boss Mods
Power Auras Classic
Skada Damage Meter

2.  UI  Enhancement

(Lets just say I like things looking pretty and effective.This is one way to go.The other is probably training out in the cold.While snowing.Huh?No no.Just train.It’s good for your body and your mind.)
Sexy Map

3.  Utility

(Things I can live without.But for now I don’t feel like it.)
Atlas Loot
Satrina Buff Frames
Rating Buster
Tulla Range

5 comments on “UI Adventures

  1. Matticus says:

    First, love the post. Very long, quite detailed. Alas, I’m not a shaman so I’ll have to improvise a few parts of it for my Priest. I hope some of this stuff is transferrable to 25.

    Second, I got your contact request to add the blog to the Plus Heal list of blogs. The problem is I need a few things from you (Namely, the URL to your RSS feed).

    Lastly, LOVE the look of this blog. So much white space. So easy to read. I’d personally make the font size a touch larger (maybe by 2), but then again, I’m hitting the ripe old age of 25 and my eyes are starting to go.

    I apologize in advance because I’m probably going to forget to come back here and read the reply to this comment when you undoubtedly respond with an RSS link. Could you do me a favor and shoot me an email instead? It should be in the email field of the comments section via WordPress.

    Keep up the blogging. And feel free to come to me anytime if you have any questions, want some advice or want to hear stories of me getting threatened with legal action for screenshotting the name of a player and putting it on my blog.

  2. Matticus says:

    I could’ve sworn I clicked to reply to the post about the blog psot for Yorsahj.

    WTF. 😐

    I really am getting old.

  3. Fen says:

    Hi I’m wondering if your UI changed much for MoP, what with totems becoming situational cooldowns instead of constant buffs. I like to keep a sparse/clean UI similar to yours so I was wondering how you handled the loss of the totem bar and all. Thanks c: (Your EJ Resto Shaman guide is my bible haha)

  4. Therya says:

    Thanks! I’ve put so much work there that my blog is getting behind…
    Not much has changed in my UI , other than I raid 25man now so Vuhdo is getting more screen time. I will update the blog shortly with new UI pics and posts , if you need something specific however feel free to email me.

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