Thundering Deathscale Wristguards V Grotesquely Writhing Bracers HC

The contenders :

Lately I m seeing this question hovering a lot around InternetLand and I have to say I find it pretty funny so early in the patch. Is it purely rhetorical for some people or is it actually a necessity to find its answer? My opinion would be that we’re scrutinizing too much sometimes. Both bracers on a first glance look amazing and to be honest you will see little difference in your healing throughput switching between them. The real difference for me lies in their accessibility. In order to buy Thundering Deathscale Wristguards as of now you’ll have to part with around 25k depending on your server. As for Grotesquely Writhing Bracers HC  you’ll need to be in a raid team that will down Warlord Zon’ozz in heroic mode  and you’ll have to be lucky enough to be in the 0.2% of their drop rate. Not to mention you might not be the only shaman in your group fighting for them. So why the premature fuss? My only guess at this point is that players are asking themselves if its worth to spend so much gold to craft the bracers if later there is a much better BiS coming their way. Is this the ultimate showdown of BiS 4.3 Wrists for Dragon soul?
Lets look at the stats first and do some quick calculations.

(Total Intellect is calculated by adding Raw Intellect + 50int from  Brilliant Queen’s Garnet + Correct Socket bonus +  50int from  Enchant Bracer-Mighty Intellect )
As it derives from the table above its easy to see why there is so much confusion. Although the HC version of Grotesquely Writhing Bracers is boasting some minor upgrades in some stats the real question is. Does the small upgrade in spirit make up for the -5 intellect? And at the end should we go for haste or mastery? To answer to these questions let’s look at the following table to see what changes between the finer lines of cold stat numbers.
This is exactly how much Grotesquely Writhing Bracers HC will reflect on your actual stats compared to Thundering Deathscale Wristguards.

So now the question is. Is it worth it?

As you see from above you get a little boost in health and small boost in mana regen. 14point in battle. Yes.That is it only.
How does loosing intellect reflect exactly in numbers? (As seen in LiG5 )
  • 1 Intellect = 1 Spellpower
  • 1 Intellect = 16 mana
  • 1 Intellect = 0.002% crit (or 648.91 Int per 1% crit)
  • 1 Intellect = 0.08mp5 (through replenishment) + 0.01mp5 (through the regen formula) + XX (through Hymn of Hope, assuming 1 per encounter) + a variable amount through Water Shield procs
Loosing 5 intellect and gaining some health is not so vital for me as a shaman healer. Yes intellect is our base stat so stack it up like its made of gold but when it comes down to judging the slots value by only +5 or -5  then you d better think what you re doing wrong. Secondary’s do matter.So it all comes down in my opinion to how much you value Haste v Mastery. This is a whole other can of worms right there but the simple math behind is the following.
To value haste, 1% haste = you can cast 1% more spells in the same window as before. In other words, 1% haste = 1% throughput.
To value Mastery : (1- Health % required for breakeven) * 2.5% is how much each % of mastery improves healing.
Example : In 100% health: (1 – 100%) * 2.5% = 0. Or 0% health, effectively 1 hp (1-0%) * 2.5% = 2.5%.
That means that at 75% health, you get healed for precisely (1-.75) * how much mastery you have. At 50% health, you get healed for (1-.5) * mastery and so on.
Looking at you’ll notice how much higher HEP the heroic version wrists seem to have making them seem so much more appropriate for BiS . However you need to take into consideration that MaxDps is only calculating with its own specific algorithms thus not taking into consideration your own specific gear choices, stat choices or reforging. Where do you sever yourselves from cookie cutter calculators over the internet?
Basically the value of haste is greatest when mana is not an issue. So at the point you want to make the exchange you need to ask yourselves. How much mana efficient are you? How much is your haste and what haste cap are you aiming? Don’t just look at the 1.09% healing throughput 1.09%haste is going to give you. You need to look at the rest of your gear and your raiding conditions because its possible if your raid is falling below 70% health,  1.04%mastery is going to give you more throughput and vice versa.So lets say in a raiding environment where you need more mastery than anything else then you should go for the HC wrists.

Conclusion :

Both bracers are Best in Slot for wrists even though they have so much different item level. The choice is yours depending on how much you value your haste or your mastery. As if goes for me. I will maintain my 2005 haste cap throughout all the content and will choose between the wrists accordingly to whatever fits my numbers better.