5.2 Healing Trinket Compendium

Yesterday night the new ICDs for 5.2patch healing trinkets were finally revealed. It was also revealed that they would follow the new smarter proc system previously used for weapon enchants AKA RealPPM proc based system. For more information on this you can check here for the official announcement and explanation and here for an excellent analysis by Hamlet. If you have already read the content of the links above you are already aware of how this new system works. If you haven’t I suggest you do however I will explain also in short. The new RealPPM system was introduced in an effort to control the way procs work and improve their performance in a manner that is most useful for all classes regardless of their spec. This new tech not only allows for equality and better control but also seems to be paving the road for more interesting procs. When it comes to 5.2 trinkets we can see immediately how this affects them. Lightning-Imbued Chalice for example is based on the accumulation of 6 buff stacks in order to deliver its on equip proc. The new tech not only makes it easier to calculate the proc and its frequency but also it normalizes its chances of being triggered by every single spell regardless of the spells nature or whether it is active on the target or not. Any direct heal or existing HoT will have a chance to trigger the proc. The formula for figuring out the proc chance is the following :
Proc chance = PPM x ( 1+ H) x T/60
Where  PPM is the buff’s build in constant, H is our current haste rating and T is the time since the last attack that gave a chance to proc or duration of the buff.
What is most interesting to notice is how our haste rating affects the proc frequency of our trinket. What does that mean in practice however? Lets take a look at the tables below. The first table represents the first soft haste breakpoint at 12.51%, the second table the second soft haste breakpoint at 20.01% and the third table the third soft haste breakpoint at 24.97%. These values are representative of our choices for 5.2patch. The first 4 trinkets will drop from different bosses in the new raid while the 5th one can be purchased for Valor points upon reaching Friendly with the new faction Shado-Pan Assault.
Before we analyze how haste affects the new trinkets there is much to be discussed about their potency. First thing to notice is how their primary stats are exactly the same whether the passive bonus is intellect or spirit. For every trinket of any item level the values remain the same. Whether this is something Blizzard intended we cannot know since 5.2 hasn’t officially been released and as always there might be changes when it goes live. Onto the trinkets themselves.
The Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault is the only trinket in 5.2 with an on use faction on CD. While it’s a great upgrade for the Relic of Chi Ji and even some very high versions of the Spirits of the Sun, its long CD is somewhat discouraging and for shorter fights its MP5 will be practically considerably shortened. Choose wisely on the start of the tier depending on the duration of the fight.
From the 4 remainining trinkets 2 have passive spirit with a shield proc and 2 have passive intellect with a strong throughput proc and MP5 gain each.
We arrive in certain conclusions while comparing them in pairs and then cross comparing them to each other.
The passive spirit based trinkets share the same MP5 and a shield proc which is applied quite differently. Stolen Relic of Zuldazars proc is based on accumulating a stacking buff of 6charges which can be released at any given time onto a target shielding them from damage. While it doesn’t have an ICD it does have an internal cooldown of 20seconds that prohibits you from unleashing it at 1 or 2 stacks. The least amount of stacks that can be released is from 3 and beyond for a 31629 / 42172 / 52715 / 63258 shield. Its RPPM is set on 3 and from the table above we can see that the maximum average amount of accumulating 6 charges for the maximum effect is 107sec at 12.51% haste ( 871 haste rating while raid buffed). The advantage of this trinket is that its on use ability gives us direct control on the applied shield. We can choose when to apply it and to whom. Onto the Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn. Its difference from the trinket above is that the shield proc is random and it occurs roughly every 47sec at 12.51% haste. In direct comparison to its contender we can see that its theoretical ICD is shorter ( for a shield of 31629K the difference is 6seconds making the Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn roughly 11.50% faster on its application) however its random proc nature makes it less attractive. At this point it should be noted also that a shield works differently from a direct heal, meaning it has lower chances of being an overheal and therefore wasted HPS. If the damage profile of the fight is constant damage the Inscribed Bag of Hydra-Spawn will prove more useful but if the damage of the fight comes in waves then  Stolen Relic of Zuldazars controlled shield will provide with better HPS.
The passive intellect based trinkets share the same throughput but have completely different procs. Lightning-Imbued Chalices proc is again based on accumulating a stacking buff of 6charges which this time will be instantly released  onto a target healing them for a certain amount (for more info check the table). Its theoretical release time is around 107seconds at 12.51% haste. Again this is another trinket with an non controllable proc which is however quite strong and will get stronger as your item level rises. Horridon’s Last Gasp is a direct upgrade of the VP purchasable trinket. It’s worth to be noted that while at comparable ilvls of 522 with the same intellect Horridon’s Last Gasp has a theoretical ICD of around 53seconds at 12.51% haste while the Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault has a 180sec CD. Although it appears that Horridon’s Last Gasp is falling behind in MP5,in a 5min fight Horridon’s Last Gasp will land you with a 41400mana gain while Soothing Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault will only provide with 29805mana making the former a clear winner. At this point I need to make a correction, I was assuming only one late use for STA which meant that on a 5min fight we would only use it once. However as pointed out on the comments below and Hamlet, it is ofc better to use this even if you are only missing very little mana with no way to regain it back very soon which leads to using this twice in a fight. However while you outgrow 522ilvl for trinkets Horridon’s Last Gasp will progressively always be better than Soothing Talisman. Again my many thanks for pointing this out 🙂
Which trinkets are BiS for this tier? At this point it is really hard to tell which 2 of the 4  presented trinkets are the clear winners. While myself I tend to choose passive intellect based trinkets I have to admit that the shield procs are very attractive. I will ultimately choose depending on the fight ( if there is the luxury of having all the trinkets) and its damage profile.
Last but not least I will leave you with extra tables depicting how haste influences the potency of RPPM based trinkets. Higher haste rating will shave off quite a lot of the time between procs making haste a more desirable stat for 5.2 than 5.1. While you might be allocating some points to haste however bare in mind that crit and mastery haven’t lost their effectiveness although if you are aiming for numbers the faster you are ( if your regen can sustain you) the higher you will go. Ironically both shielding trinkets come with a passive regen boost making a case for potentially hoarding some haste rating while equipping them.
My big thanks to Binkenstein for confirming the proc numbers for the RPPM trinkets.

General Gearing, BiS 4.3 List and Tips : Where to start from and what to pick up down the Dragon Soul road.

I feel I have to make this post as much as to satisfy my slight OCD but also to put some things into perspective. Plus a little something for the reader  ,with the insatiable appetite, who went through my BiS 4.3 Resto Shaman Shopping List and at the end thought. WTF??? And was left wanting for more. In this post I m hoping to cover most of the combinations that would otherwise leave you wondering more time than what you’re willing to spend . Because some people would rather go to the movies rather than browse internetland for small pieces of info that when you bind together, final picture starts to make sense.  Although going to the movies is overrated. While on a first date. Best spend it in bed people. And no I don’t mean alone. Have the first date in bed. And blame it to being lazy.  Yeah…Moving on.
There was one thing I had to say when I first read the blue post on MMO Champion about how the not so secret stash of valor points vendors wouldn’t include tier set pieces. FINALLY!!!! How many people came into the new patch sporting 359 heads? Raise your hands don’t be shy. My finest example is my drood friend ( the one I continuously try to tarnish in this blog ) who after numerous raggy kills in the hunt for the head token and what was more than 30 Beth’Tilac kills for Cowl of the Clicking Menace ended up getting the middle finger from ingame RNG. Cant understand how people keep complaining of lack of sex while playing WoW since blizzard seems to continuously consummate its subscribers relationship. I want an annulment Blizz. Gief a better designed drop algorithm. However the more lewt on the table , the more we’re left wondering of how to distribute our VP most efficiently and even further down the road, how to take advantage of every little nook in order to maximize our healing throughput.

The Story so far down the loot path of Tier 13

This time around Blizzard made it very clear that some dps items would stay in the dps spectrum thus infusing them with Hit Rating as one of their secondary’s stats.So no confusion there, you simply cant choose to equip Opal of the Secret Order, Seal of the Grand Architect, Nanoprecise Cape .
  • Back and Relic :
There are 2 items in the entire patch as of now you can safely spend your first VP on and that’s Woundlicker Cover and Lightning Spirit in a Bottle. So start from there. No boss drops any cloaks or relics for you , neither is a word out for a heroic version of them. Feel free to buy them, enchant them and epic gem them as well if you can afford it.
  • Tier Pieces :
Probably you’ll be playing with Blizzards newest toy , LFR. Although somewhat iffy still when it comes to loot rules ( where an ench shaman can and will probably need on Timepiece of the Bronze Flight though if you do just know you’re being dicks ) , I’d suggest you’d try and get your 4 set pc bonus through there. Casual raiders or not, its worth it. When you get to upgrade your LFR items with normal versions and later heroic ones, keep in mind that mix and matching will still retain your 2 or 4 pc item set bonus. ( Of course at this point any upgrade you get will be good unless you re already equipped with 391 heroic versions from Firelands. )
  • Wrists and Feet :
 When it comes to our own BOE  extravaganza , there are a set of bracers and a set of boots you can buy either in AH or using your alts or leeching of your friends. I wouldn’t suggest you waste your own VP for Bracers of the Spectral Wolf as they are very poorly itemised hence you’d have to change them as soon as possible. Try to get them if you desperately need the upgrade either with gold or using an alt. So either grab Grotesquely Writhing Bracers that drops from Zon’ozz or if you can afford it go for what is BiS for this slot Thundering Deathscale Wristguards from leatherworking Pattern: Thundering Deathscale Wristguards. The Sabatons of the Graceful Spirit are good for starters for you as are Mindstrainer Treads that drop from Yor’sahj.
  • Waist :
For your waist slot you can certainly start from Belt of Ghostly Graces that randomly drops from trash in Dragon Soul. Another BoE , get that from the auction house if you can afford it. However you’ll want to change that as soon as possible with either Girdle of Shamanic Fury that you can buy from the VP vendor, or Girdle of Shattered Stone that drops from Morchok or what is BiS for you in this tier Belt of Shattered Elementium that drops from Spine of Deathwing.
  • Neck :
Jelewry! For the neck slot I’d definitely suggest for you to wait for Morchoc to drop your BiS Petrified Fungal Heart since any pug group can one shot him even if you’re not in a raid group. If you find yourselves after weeks lacking this specific slot use your last VP to buy Threadlinked Chain.
  • Rings :
Moving on to the rings. You can start from Band of Reconstruction if you feel like spending VP points there. However feel free to equip best in slot Ring of the Riven from Hagara and double BiS Signet of Suturing shared boss loot.
  • Main Hand Weapon :
For your main hand there is no VP option. Simply wait for LFR drops and upgrade them as soon as possible with the Normal and Heroic versions. Definitely go for Maw of the Dragonlord from Madness of Deathwing especially for the fights were you stack its proc like it’s a gift from Santa. However Vagaries of Time is also great for you and so is Scalpel of Unrelenting Agony. I wouldn’t recommend using a staff no matter how good it may look on paper comparing to your say Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord.
How do those weapons fair up against each other though? The following list should provide with an easy solution for quick reference.

Weapon / Main Hand




Maw of the Dragonlord HC




Vagaries of Time HC




Maw of the Dragonlord




Scapel of Unrelenting Agony HC




Vagaries of Time




Maw of the Dragonlord RF




Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord HC




Scapel of Unrelenting Agony




Vagaries of Time RF




  Scapel of Unrelenting Agony RF



However be careful of how you utilize this list. Just because one weapon seems to give you more HEP than the other it doesn’t mean that you should just go and disenchant the one you already have. On my WoL logs I can clearly see that in Ultraxion lets say, where all my raid is stacked in front of me, my Maw of the Dragonlord is owning every single other weapon on this list. Its proc is simply devine. It will fair up from 10% to 15% of your healing depending which version you own so lets say you have Vagaries of Time normal versus the Maw of the Dragonlord RF , for Ultraxion you should go for the Maw even though its lower in the list , hands down. So check your WoL or healing Skada meters for specifics of what weapon to use and when. ( I’ve added in the list Ko’gun, Hammer of the Firelord HC for comparison to previous tier )

 Off Hand :

Since there is only one shield Timepiece of the Bronze Flight dropping from Warmaster Blackhorn , whenever it drops for you go for it. I m not recommending Ledger of Revolting Rituals for you , you’ll be stripped from half your armor and in Dragon soul where there is so much physical damage incoming its almost next to an absolute must have.
  • Trinkets :
Lastly the trinket section. Vixsin from LiG5 has a great post explaining this Dragon Soul: The Final Trinket Showdown . All I have to add here is that there are 2 valor point trinkets you may equip also Bottled Wishes and Reflection of the Light if you absolutely need to replace some of yours. I wouldn’t suggest Reflection of the Light since you’ll have plenty of spirit to go already so opt for Bottled Wishes if you want to reach your second haste soft cap of 2005. But for the love of everything that is fluffy replace that with your BiS Heart of Unliving that drops from Spine of Deathwing and Windward Heart shared boss loot.

Final Conclusions :

As a final note. When it comes to replacing your 384 LFR tier pieces with 397 ones or 410 ones I’d suggest you go for Spiritwalker’s Faceguard, Spiritwalker’s Tunic, Spiritwalker’s Mantle and Spiritwalker’s Gloves .Yes its the elemental tier Hands. I know its weird. But our Spiritwalker’s Handwraps suck big time. Best if you go for Gloves of Ghostly Dreams that you can buy from the VP vendor. If you get a Imperfect Specimens 27 and 28 shoulder drop and you feel that you must, then go for our Resto hands. But…I wouldn’t. Use the LFR ones till you can make the change. Its just a waste of a token imo. Your 4pc bonus is worth it so use the LFR ones till you feel safe to make the change trying different combinations. (If you re missing pieces go for the VP ones although I wont personally. The Ghostworld Chestguard is so bad for both specs :-/ . But as always should you find yourselves sporting a 378 for a long long time, by all means feel free to exchange that )
This concludes the preliminary quick gearing list for resto shaman, so now we can immerge ourselves into the possibilities that lie ahead while progressing in Dragon Soul.

CharDev Table Analysis :

(Talents and glyphs included )
If you’ve followed my guide ( or dressed up on your own in a similar way ) then possibly you’re looking like this
What and how to reforge your resto shaman at this point.I’ve reforged down to match my first soft haste cap at 916 and further more using this priority . Haste -> Matery, Haste->Spirit, Crit-> Mastery, Crit->Spirit accordingly. My goal is to get my mastery above 18 and my haste rating as close as 916 as it gets. This way you get all your riptide, healing rain ,earthliving weapon to have one more tick and since you’ll be progressing you’ll want to be spirit efficient. ( However if you feel you can afford to have less spirit feel free to reforge away from items not already reforged to critical rating or mastery rating ). As of this moment I m rolling with :
(Probabilities are that at this point I’ve already upgraded my gear. This example was just a few weeks into patch 4.3 and with only few HC bosses down. If you need an updated view of my gear feel free to check  my Armory. Note to the wise.I might be sporting my DPS os gear. I love running dungeons as ele. )
My spirit is around 2700 I find that I don’t need more and my mastery is hovering at 16 while I ve chosen to hit my second haste cap of 2005. And crit is what is left. This might not be for everyone though. I’ll make a separate future post regarding differences in specs and stats in different raiding environments, group compositions and raiding difficulty progression. As it goes for me (I m currently raiding in a 10man environment) I’ll continue removing spirit as soon as I get my hands on Heart of Unliving and reforging it to mastery and crit depending on the incoming damage in my raid. I m well into Heroics right now and I find this reforging is more than sufficient. (Sidenote. I’, not promising my haste/mastery/spirit balance opinion wont change according to my needs. Let’s say if I find that for my  progression and team I m running out of spirit believe me I’ll reforge down to 916 haste cap, and give all I have to mastery and spirit instead.Do the same. Check your raid, check your mana efficiency, check your master efficiency, put those WOL logs in use or at least your skada logs. )
So what are general rules you should follow regarding reforging for different situations? Take a look at your raid and the incoming damage. If your raid is mostly below 70% best to put more into mastery than crit, if you find it to be above that, feel free to upgrade your crit. Also how far into progression are you? Are you out of mana when you need it even with Telluric Currents then up your spirit a little bit, take it out of crit or see what soft haste cap works for you 916 or 2005. However the more you get into Normal DS gear and HC the more you ll see its harder to reforge haste.
This is how a mid way into progression gear should look like:
This is after lets say farming Normals for 3 to 4 weeks and starting on first HC bosses. There is more mastery in this combination as you ll find your raid more often than not below 70%. Haste is still as close as it gets to 2005 soft cap with a glyphed riptide ticking once more. Its significant for 10 man raids. Since you’re wearing the Spine of Deathwing trinket your spirit regen will be eventually more than 3k but if you feel you need more, take a little out of your Mastery.
Lastly this is what you would call an endgame Best in slot for 4.3 Dragon Soul:
Full on HC gear with full epic gems and enchants. At this point you re probably over spirit regeneration requiremements and mastery so at 2005 soft haste cap your crit is boasting around 20%. Remove from this combination some of the amazing HC gear that you possibly don’t have and reforge some crit into mastery and you ll be laughing at Deathwing progression.
This concludes with my gearing guide about early epics and some examples for progression restoration shaman gearing. In the future I’ll go more into how to properly manage your stats for different raid enviroments and different progression and how to reforge correctly your spirit , haste and mastery accordingly. Good luck with the loot drops btw since it seems all the crappy players get all the luck. Just my observation.
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