Resto Shaman Macros

When I first started leveling this shaman I knew instantly I wanted to make a healer out of it. For a while I left it on the shelf but when I got back on my little 20 something baby shamy  the first thing I did was go on the forums and search for the best healing addons or the best macros. I use Vuhdo since then, others use Grid, but my point mainly is that since you can click on it, there is no need for a million macros. So my general advice is, install a healing addon of your choice and get a mouse with at least 5 buttons. No excuses. You don’t need a gaming mouse to be (not just a good but) a great healer. All you need is to configure the tools you have in your arsenal. Clean up your UI and run dungeons till you have a body memory of all your mouse buttons and all your key bindings. That said my minimalistic list of macros I use are the following.
1.What I’ve fondly named my OHSHIT macro.  Your go to macro for instant greater healing wave.
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast [@mouseover,exists,group,help] Greater Healing Wave; [help] Greater Healing Wave; [@player] Greater Healing Wave
2.Your basic instant Healing rain for a rainy day.
/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast Healing Rain
 3. Ghost Wolf (in combat) and Ground/Flying mount basically to free up some space on your bars.
/use [combat] Ghost Wolf; [noflyable] Winterspring Frostsaber; [flyable] Azure Netherwing Drake
/dismount [mounted,noflyable]
4.Specific Dragon Soul Macro ( For Utraxion and Madness of Deathwing special button.I find it easier to handle that with the macro than clicking on Blizzards icon )
/click ExtraActionButton1
There are many macros out there for 1.Earth Shield  2. Purging or for  3.Wind Shear interrupting. I use Vuhdo for all of those. As of now I can’t find any reason to use more macros but if you happen to know of any please feel free to share and if you need advice of how to set up your Vuhdo to do all of the above, feel free to ask.

2 comments on “Resto Shaman Macros

  1. daizee says:

    With the t13 set bonus giving us increased haste each time we use Spiritwalker’s Grace, is there a way to macro it so that it is cast on c/d – like by linking it to another spell?

  2. Therya says:

    I’m not sure why you would want to do this. Spiritwalker’s Grace, like every other powerful cooldown you have is to be used when it’s actually needed. That said of course you will want to use it as often as possible but using it on cooldown wouldn’t give you the best healing throughput. Case and point if you were to use it on CD that means you would pop it at the start of the fight and then chain casting it after that. How useful is however a powerful haste when you don’t have anything to heal and all your heals end up being overheals? Spiritwalker’s Grace will give you bigger healing numbers if used twice in a fight in a healing intense phase rather than use it 3 times and waste its value on overheals.
    The way for me to utilize its true potential is to keep track of its uptime with a power aura. You can see how on my Resto Power Auras post ( I just added it so don’t beat yourself up for thinking it was there and you didn’t see it). Second I keep track of how much time there is left before I can use it again. I utilize an addon called OmniCC for that.
    Hope this helps!

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